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Friday, March 21, 2014

National March for Life May 8th 2014

March for Life Link May 8th 2014
Just in case you are able to go.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Lorraine & Linda in Saint John, NB

Reported by Lorraine Shonaman

On February 26, Saint Peter’s Church Hall in Saint John, NB was visited with a true crusader for the unborn. Linda Gibbons was on a cross Canada tours to raise funds for her ‘companion in battle for the unborn’, Mary Wagner, who is contesting a certain aspect of Criminal law in Canada. I will be directly quoting Linda Gibbons from her presentation in much of what I have written.

Linda Gibbons spoke eloquently on Mary Wagner’s pending court case in defense of the unborn children. The legal case is going to the Ontario court presently, but Linda said that they were willing to go right up to the Supreme Court of Canada if necessary.

Linda Gibbons has been active in helping pregnant women since the early 1980ies. She has been arrested 22 times, spending a total of just under 11 years in prison in her attempt to save the unborn children. The unjust and ongoing injunction law which has been going on for years is the reason she is sent to prison.

In this ‘injunction’, it states that pro-lifers have to stay 60 feet away for the perimeter of the abortion mills. It has been called the “bubble zone.” This renders the pro-lifers helpless to defend or try to help the mothers going into the abortion mills. To this end, Linda is willing to sacrifice her life and endure imprisonment by going into the ‘bubble zone’ to pray and talk to mothers. Her task is to help mothers make an informed decision and hopefully choose life for their unborn children. She offers counseling and further help to those who choose to listen to her.

Linda said that Mary Wagner felt a call from God to stand in solidarity with the unborn. Mary is known for her prayer and devotions and shares her faith very easily. In her “in house’ pro-life witness, Mary has saved 6 babies from death since 2008.

When Mary attends the abortion mills, she brings with her long stem roses with a pro-life information card attached with a ribbon. Each rose is a symbol of the love that Mary offers both to mother and child. This rose is a plea for the mother to respond in love to the one in her womb. Mary dismisses her own freedom so she can save babies. Her resolve has given her 2 1/2 years of prison time and counting.

Mary is currently in Vanier Prison for women. Mary objects to bail conditions since it would forbid her to return to the abortion mills. She refuses to check her conscience at the door! Mary forfeits her freedom that the unborn might live and recover theirs.

Mary’s defense lawyer will argue Section 37 of the Criminal code, which in part states:
“Everyone is justified in using force to prevent an assault on themselves or anyone under their protection.” Linda went on to say that since 1989 in Canada, a woman can kill her own baby before live birth with impunity. What used to be murder is now permitted.

On one hand, she went on to say, we have Mary Wagner, one woman, standing for the unborn in the court system, while on the other hand, the majority of parliamentarians do not even want to discuss the issue, let alone stand for the unborn children. There are a few that propose Bills in parliament to try to open the issue for this necessary discussion. But parliament continues to not want to discuss it! That is the ongoing injustice shown to Canada’s unborn children. The parliament needs to bring back Canadian human rights by assuming their responsibilities towards all human life, Linda said!

In order to clear the political thought around this issue, we need to keep it on the political agenda! It is imperative for us to persist in exposing the abuses in this country’s abortion trade! The abuses are many for the unborn such as the cruel suffering and death of the aborted child; that they are denied the right to be spoken for; that they are denied equal protection under the law, etc. All of these are crimes happening in Canada!

The injustice of abortion in Canada has festered for almost 45 years. Linda spoke of the terrible consequences of this such as: Women carrying one twin to term while aborting the other; women abort their female children in preference of male children; many babies born alive in abortion mills are either killed or left to die. The collateral damage rises to the surface and is obvious and intolerable. The serious legal vacuum in Canada that permits and promotes most of the destruction of human life needs to be remedied!

Mary is making her case to protect the unborn with one rose at a time. Mary will live out her beliefs with or without the support of the law. Mary believes that the law should serve justice and that justice should serve the unborn.

Linda said that in Canada that the hour is late and the cause crucial and this moment not to be wasted. She asked everyone to support Mary Wagner’s defense Fund and invite others to support it too. She also asked for all to pray that God’s will be done in this legal battle!

Donations in cheques can be made to: Mary Wagner Legal Defense Fund   deposited in any Bank of Montreal - Account # 0319  8991 – 017. Please request that the deposit be a “Credit Memo.”  OR mail your donation cheque to: Mary Wagner Legal Defense Fund, c/o bank of Montreal, 295 Boler Rd., London, Ontario, Ontario, N6K 2K1.
Mary Wagner
a photo of Mary Wagner  from the Internet

There were 28 people who came to listen to Linda Gibbons and support her cause for the unborn children. Present also was the president of NB Right to Life, Beth Crouchman. There were different Christian faiths present. Music was provided by Theresa Rogers. The Rosary was prayed by all. The free will offering came to $945.00, though more is pending to come in. The event was organized by Lorraine Shonaman, Pro-Life Ministry, St. Peter’s Parish in conjunction with NB Right to Life and Saint John Right to Life.

Beth Crouchman and Sister Cecile LeBlanc co-ordinated the Linda Gibbons NB tour.

Lorraine, Linda & Beth